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SMP Top 100

2019 SMP Top 100

Football Saskatchewan is pleased to announce that Saskatoon Motor Products has entered into a multi-year sponsorship arrangement with our organization. These types of partnerships are integral to Football Saskatchewan’s offering of the very best in skills-training and identification for all of our members – both players and coaches

SMP Top 100 Camp Dates:

  • Saskatoon - May 17-19

SMP Top 100

The SMP Top 100 camp is a showcase for Saskatchewan's most advanced grade nine, ten and eleven players and will use a similar model to Football Saskatchewan's Senior Bowl.

The SMP Top 100 camp is an intensive three day camp to support the development of Saskatchewan's top returning high school football players. Saskatchewan's elite coaches and Football Saskatchewan representatives will invite the top players from the first U18 Team Sask Selection Camps to the SMP Top 100 camp. During the camp, players receive:

  • Instruction from coaches of the Province's four post-secondary teams,
  • Information regarding strength training and nutrition,
  • And an opportunity to meet the Provinces top players.

The SMP Top 100 camp will feature a competitive environment where skill development and learning help facilitate the advancement of football skills in Saskatchewan's high school systems. The camp represents a wonderful opportunity for the selected athletes to 'show their stuff' before the Provinces best players and coaches.