The Competition Development context is designed for coaches of athletes ranging from the Train to Train to the Train to Compete stages of long-term athlete development. Adolescents and young adults are coached to refine basic sport skills, to develop more advanced skills and tactics and are generally prepared for performance at provincial and national level competitions.

The program is broken down into several categories of workshop modules and are offered through the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan,

Competition Development Multi-Sport Modules:

  1. Leading Drug Free Sport
  2. Managing Conflict
  3. Psychology of Performance
  4. Prevention & Recovery of Injury
  5. Developing Athletic Abilities
  6. Coaching & Leading Effectively

These Competition Development Management & Technical Modules are available through Football Saskatchewan and are completed over 4 days of classroom sessions:

  1. Mentor Training
  2. Evaluator Training
  3. Managing a Program
  4. Design a Program/Advanced Practice Planning
  5. Advanced Skills/Analyze Performance
  6. Advanced Systems