Six Man Football Information

  1. 6-man competition is restricted to those schools that have fewer than 86 boys registered in grades 10 through 12.
  2. Any place in the rule book where the term 12 PLAYERS is used, substitute the term 6 PLAYERS.
  3. Any place in the rule book where reference is made to 20 YARDS (i.e. Hash Marks) substitute with 10 YARDS.
  4. For placement of the ball, on all occasions, subtract 5 yards from the indicated number. EXCEPTION - The ball must not be placed on the 5 yard line unless by reason of penalty.
    1. a) The field shall be 100 yards long (Goal line to goal line) and 40 yards wide.

      b) End zones shall be 10 yards deep.

      c) The 20 and 40 yards lines shall be of double thickness.

      d) Hash marks shall be located 13 yards from the side lines. If the natural boundary of the field is less than 10 yards behind the goal lines, such boundary shall be the DEAD LINE.

  6. The length of the game shall be 40 minutes of playing time, divided into four periods of 10 minutes each.
  7. The three-minute stop-time provision at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters outlined in the rule book shall be played as TWO MINUTES AT THE END OF THE 2nd AND 4th QUARTERS.
  8. At the instant the ball is put into play, at least 3 players of the offensive team must be stationary on the line of scrimmage.
  9. The centre is an eligible pass receiver if he lines up on the end of the line of scrimmage and is wearing an eligible receiver's number. Any other player on the line, not occupying the outside position is an ineligible receiver.
  10. The convert after atouchdown in 6-man football will be worth (2) points, if kicked, and that a convert that involves running or passing the ball into the end zone is worth one (1) point.
  11. Teams may dress any number of players but only 22 medals will be provided by the SHSAA for the championship game.
  12. CONFERENCES: The province has been divided into four (4) conferences. Teams have been aligned into conferences and each must qualify for provincial playoffs through its specified conference.
  13. PLAYOFF DRAW: The provincial play-off structures for 1A and 2A six-man football will allow for 8 teams in the quarter final round of the playoffs. These teams will include the four (4) conference champions and four wild card teams. The wildcard teams will include the second place team in each conference. In a case where there is not a second team in a conference, that spot would be filled by the third team in the conference that the last provincial champion came from. The draw will be made in such a way that no team would play off against a team from their own conference, in the quarter final or the semi-final rounds by placing teams from mutual conferences on opposite sides of the draw. In the event that two teams from the same conference meet in the provincial final, the number one seed would host the provincial final.
Canora Kerrobert Hanley Aberdeen
Ituna/Kelliher Macklin Caronport Hague
Raymore Wilkie Central Butte Meath Park
Lemberg Eatonia Gull Lake Carrot River
Milestone Elrose Davidson
Plenty LCBI
Kamsack Hafford Lanigan Spiritwood
Preeceville Unity Watrous Rosthern
Watson Dalmeny Wynyard Wakaw
Hudson Bay Biggar Cupar Big River
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