Contest Rules and Regulations


  1. The contest is open to boys and girls up to and including fourteen (14) years of age. Please note this has changed from previous years where it was fifteen.

  2. There are four age groups:
    • Ages 14 and under (NOT 15)
    • Ages 12 and under (NOT 13)
    • Ages 10 and under (NOT 11)
    • Ages 8 and under (NOT 9)

    Contestants must be the age stated as of DECEMBER 31st, 2019 and will be required to give proof of age if requested to do so, within 48 hours after the completion of the competition.

  3. Each contestant may enter into only one age group.

  4. Each contestant may enter into only one event, after a Local Competitions is held.
  5. Suitable athletic footwear or regulation football cleats are the only acceptable footwear for the entire competition
  6. Contestants must qualify in a Local and Regional Competition before being eligible to advance in the competition.
  7. Before a competitor may advance from a local competition a report must be sent in to the Regional Coordinator nearest you and Football Saskatchewan’s office @ 1734 Elphinstone St, Mosaic Stadium 3rd Floor, Regina, SK S4T 1K1 or fax 306-780-9480 or email

Measurement and Scoring

  1. Best single Pass, Punt or Kick in the respective competition will be declared the winner of that event.
  2. An individual’s score will be recorded in feet and inches by the distance the ball travels forward in the air (not where it rolls), less the distance that the ball lands to either side of a centre measure line. (See diagram below). Each participant will be allowed three attempts in his or her event.
  3. In case of ties, tie breaking rounds consisting of 3 attempts will be held. Best single measurement of the tie breaking attempts will be declared the winner.
  4. A maximum of ten yards will be allowed for a running approach. If a competitor steps over the starting line, that particular attempt will not be counted.
  5. In all cases, the decision of the judges will be final.
  6. Ball sizes for competition should be (if possible):
    • 14 & under - regulation size football, girls may use junior size football
    • 12 & under - regulation or junior size football
    • 10 & under - junior size football

    • 8 & under - junior size football

Checklist of Materials Needed
Footballs - 2 regulation size footballs and 2 junior size footballs
Kicking Tee
2 Tape Measures
Pylons - placed at 50', 100', 150'
Volunteers to assist in measuring, retrieving, marking and recording.

Awards System
Local Competitions

  • Participant prizes for all Competitors
  • Certificates for winners of all Local Competitions

NOTE: Upon completion of your Local Competition, please contact Football Saskatchewan to request the number of Wristbands and Certificates you require. They will be sent to you immediately.

Regional Competitions

  • Certificates for winners of all Regional Competitions

Provincial Finals
All participants will receive a Provincial Finalist Kids Pass, Punt & Kick prize. The twenty four winners (12 boys and 12 girls) will receive an expense paid trip to Regina, plus four game tickets each for the Saskatchewan Roughrider football game, where they will be presented with Kids Pass, Punt & Kick plaques.