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Skill ID Camps

2017 Skill ID Camp Dates & Locations

The Skill ID Camps are held in various locations throughout Saskatchewan. This year there are six camps being held at the following locations:

  • Regina - April 10,11,12,13
  • Melfort - April 29 & 30
  • North Battleford - April 29 & 30
  • Saskatoon - May 1,2,3,4
  • Yorkton - May 6
  • Swift Current - May 7

***Dates & locations are subject to change***

Football Saskatchewan Skill ID Camps

Every spring Football Saskatchewan conducts regional skill identification camps. These camps are for high school football players currently in grades nine, ten and eleven and occur throughout the Province to ensure all players have a chance to participate. Through these camps, Football Saskatchewan serves a dual purpose of introducing, teaching, and enhancing fundamental football skills while identifying the athletic ability and skills of the participants.

Football Saskatchewan provides information about the skill identification camps to each high school Head Coach and asks them to forward the information to players they deem fit. Football Saskatchewan encourages schools to send athletes at the various positions with a mixture of grade nine, ten and eleven athletes.

At the camp, Football Saskatchewan will have players divide into the various positions (linemen, quarterbacks, etc.) to cover position specific skills. Through this camp, Football Saskatchewan achieves many objectives including:

  • enhancing skill development among the Province's football players,
  • providing an opportunity for the athletes to work with coached from the Provinces four post-secondary programs.
  • ensuring the growth and development of amateur football in Saskatchewan,
  • presenting an opportunity for high school coaches to observe our post-secondary coaches,
  • coordinating the distribution of information regarding skill testing to coaches and athletes, and
  • facilitating greater friendship among individuals from competing schools.

Football Saskatchewan will use the skill identification camps to identify high school football players that may have the potential to play at the post-secondary level. To support these players development, Football Saskatchewan will hold a camp for the most advanced players that attend the regional camps - the Roughrider Bowl.

To ensure proper representation and select the top players in Saskatchewan, the elite coaches will select the top athletes from each camp. Following the completion of all the camps, the elite coaches and Football Saskatchewan representatives will select the athletes to attend the Roughrider Bowl. The goal is to create a competitive environment and a successful camp for all those involved. The Roughrider Bowl should provide a wonderful opportunity for the chosen athletes to:

  • enhance their skill development,
  • meet the Provinces top players, and
  • get 'noticed' by elite programs,

while showcasing the top high school football players in Saskatchewan.