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Viterra Top 100

2017 Viterra Top 100

At Viterra, we take great pride in supporting the communities where we live and work, and teaming up with Football Saskatchewan is a great way to demonstrate this commitment. Football Saskatchewan is helping the youth of our province develop important values such as teamwork, respect and a dedication to excellence that they will carry with them in their future endeavors. Viterra is proud to invest in their success, and to support the great work Football Saskatchewan does to develop amateur football across the province.

Viterra Top 100 Camp Dates:

  • Regina, May 26-28

**You must attend one of the Skill ID Camps to be eligible & selected for the Top 100 Camp**

Viterra Top 100

The Viterra Top 100 camp is Football Saskatchewan's newest venture and builds on the tremendous success of the regional skill identification camps. It be a showcase for Saskatchewan's most advanced grade nine, ten and eleven players and will use a similar model to Football Saskatchewan's SMP Senior Bowl.

Each year, more than 500 athletes in grade nine, ten and eleven attend a skill identification camp. At these camps, players have an opportunity to learn and enhance their fundamental football skills, while displaying their athletic ability and skills. During a typical camp, several players display the potential to play football at a post-secondary level. To support the further development of these 'more advanced' players, Football Saskatchewan created the Viterra Top 100 camp.

The Viterra Top 100 camp is an intensive two-day camp to support the development of Saskatchewan's top returning high school football players. Saskatchewan's elite coaches and Football Saskatchewan representatives will invite the top players from the skill identification camps to the Viterra Top 100 camp. During the camp, players receive:

  • Instruction from coaches of the Province's four post-secondary teams,
  • Information regarding strength training and nutrition,
  • And an opportunity to meet the Provinces top players.

The Viterra Top 100 camp will feature a competitive environment where skill development and learning help facilitate the advancement of football skills in Saskatchewan's high school systems. The camp represents a wonderful opportunity for the selected athletes to 'show their stuff' before the Provinces best players and coaches.